How to become successful in life & business

Motivation for successful entrepreneurship. By Dan Peña. High performance business coach. How to become successful in life and business. Don’t only listen to the tone, listen to the message.

► Recorded live at the Maximum Potential Business Seminar in the Netherlands (2019). 80 Minutes interview with Dan Peña and mentee Michael Pilarczyk.

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► “A mentee for twenty years, Michael is a product of the QLA methodology. He was a great success in media and entertainment. I am happy to see he has taken what he has learned and is now helping other people achieve their dreams as I have done in my many years of QLA mentoring and coaching.” ~ Dan S. Peña Sr., High Performance Business Coach, $50 Billion Dollar Man ~

► I have been a mentee of Mr. Peña for 20 years. Mr. Peña taught me QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage) in 1999. In the 90’s I was a populair DJ on national radio and a TV host on Dutch MTV. I became a millionaire at 27. One year after I lost all my money at the stock market (late 1998). Then I met Mr. Peña. Within a year I was back in business, by the QLA principles. A new company was founded and we achieved a 20 million turnover. I have bought and sold businesses and retired at the age of 37. After a 5 year sabbatical, sailing the world with my yacht, I became a coach to inspire others to live their dreams. I practice what I preach. I’ve been there, done it all. And now I live my best live on the sunny Island of Ibiza. I sold over 200.000 books (Netherlands only), have 2 million plays on my podcast and over 50.000 people attended our Mastermind Academy online programs and live events. To me Dan Peña is by far the best high performance business coach on the planet. You love him or you hate but (but have you met him in person?). He changed my life and the lives of many others I know.

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